School-Aged Care

Promoting “playtime” over “screen time”... 


At Kidzone we strongly believe physical activity promotes cognitive growth. 

We ensure outdoor play is an important part of our daily routine, where we make use of the school’s spacious playground and gymnasium.


Our Kinder/Grade 1 room provides before & after school care for 5 & 6 year-olds, as well as full-day for professional development days & school breaks.
Our Grade 2 & Up Room allows older children to continue exploring in a more age-appropriate environment.


  • Both programs have a strong emphasis on sports, crafts, and mind-stretching activities. 


  • We offer a variety of themes, with activities especially designed to stimulate and entertain, including science, art, drama, music & even magic.


  • Kids are free to explore their interests more in depth to to enhance their learning and enjoyment.


Kidzone’s leaders inspire fun and cooperation, as they truly enjoy working with this dynamic age group!


Most of the staff have a long history with Kidzone and the South Delta community in general.  We often bring in specialty teachers of art & science during pro-D days and the summer months, or plan day trips to enhance the experience of studying topic of the week. We also promote leadership opportunities, as the big kids are active in developing activities for the younger children to enjoy.

Transportation Available!

For no added cost, we use the Kidzone little yellow school bus to drop off and pick up students to most Tsawwassen-area schools. We also provide free transportation to extra-curricular activities, to allow children to explore more of what life has to offer.

Flexible Options!

Children are welcome to join us for mornings, afternoons, or full-days during school breaks. And Kidzone remains open for 50 weeks of the year, ensuring your child is well cared for & busy all year long!



  • Our fees are all-inclusive. You will not be billed separately for supplies, standard activities, or transport. 


Fees are not refunded for missed days as you pay to reserve your space, not for actual attendance.

Interest is charged on accounts late by 30+ days.

*Rates current as of Sept 1, 2018.