Pre-Kinder Care

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We have two group care rooms, staffed with loving child care experts. They encourage children to grow, explore and experiment under their watchful guidance. Recognizing that every child has a unique personality and learning skill set, our teachers mandate is to allow children to flourish naturally. For children 29 months and older, our early learning centre offers opportunities for learning and discovery throughout the day. We offer a more formal learning session from 9 am until lunchtime. These educational activities include fun family phonics, science and language acquisition opportunities, in addition to socialization and social responsibility.

We are delighted to offer music performance as part of our studies, and look forward to returning to performing for Tsawwassen's senior centres when pandemic is over.

Children can participate everyday, or we can arrange a customized attendance calendar to fit your family's busy schedule.

We are happy to discuss your needs!


Our leaders are fully qualified Early Childhood Educators, ready to inspire fun and cooperation as an essential part of the learning process. Regular daily walks & outdoor play are also encouraged as an essential part of both physical and cognitive growth. We make use of the school’s outdoor play structures and playing fields, as well as our school`s gymnasium on wet days.

Flexible Options!

Children are welcome to join us by the day, half-day, or for the 3-hour learning centre only.


Running behind? Flexible start & pick-up times allow you to pick-up your child when it’s convenient for you. And Kidzone remains open for 50 weeks of the year, ensuring your busy child is entertained all year long!



  • Our fees are all-inclusive. You will not be billed separately for supplies, standard activities, or transport.


Fees are not refunded for missed days as you pay to reserve your space, not for actual attendance.

Interest is charged on accounts late by 30+ days.

*Rates current as of Sept 1, 2018.