Covid-19 Health Policy Updated

Updated October 1,2020.


Our safety plan acknowledges risks and describes protocols to reduce the risks for children. parents and staff.


Entrances:duct tape markers 2M apart for staggered entry. Sign in /out and Health agreement are accessible at Mindy’s window. Hand sanitizer is available at the window and also at the door at the playground . Every child and staff member are required to have a health agreement. Temperatures may be checked at the door. We ask families to enter the building if necessary. Parents/representatives who enter the building are asked to wear a mask. KZ has disposable masks available should you require one. 

Children and staff with allergies need a doctor’s note with description of typical symptoms in order to attend .Children or staff will not be permitted in the centre if they have cold, cough, flu symptoms, including fever or any respiratory illness. 


Any child who starts to show symptoms of illness while in daycare, will be isolated with a teacher ( masked ) until they are able to be picked up. Parents are required to have a backup plan for pickup , as the child is required to be picked up within an hour of the parent being contacted. 

Please make sure your approved pick up list is current.

Inside the centre : Children wash their hands upon arrival, at washroom breaks, before and after meals, after outside play , with frequent reminders about hand washing throughout the day. 


We respect physical distancing rules where possible, understanding not all physical distancing rules are appropriate or possible with young children. ( see Child Care Professionals of B.C. Covid 19 Technical Implementation Guidelines for Child Care Facilities or public Health Guidance for child Care Settings updated September 25,2020)


Children will be spaced at meal times, and reminded frequently to avoid touching each other.

Trips to the washroom will be staggered to avoid crowding. 

Children are considered low risk , and are unlikely to spread Covid 19 to adults. 


The physical space requirements for licensed child care settings set out in the child care regulations mean that there is sufficient space to support physical distancing recommendations of the Provincial Health Officer. Therefore child care centres can safely operate at full capacity. 


School age rooms: in order to facilitate contact tracing, the school age children are kept in separate “ bubbles” so that they are seated at tables and playing in a floor area only with children who are attending the same school. 


Transportation: it is recommended that children five and older wear masks on the school bus and sit in an assigned seat. Siblings on may be seated together. The bus is sanitized daily using a botanical viricide approved by Health Canada. 


Enhanced cleaning protocols: frequent touch surfaces ( door handles, door edges, light switches , phone, bathroom areas) are sanitized multiple times per day. Indoor toys are sanitized throughout the day. After closing, staff apply a safe, approved sanitizer through every room, and also sanitize the outdoor ride ons and strollers. 

Masks are available to staff as needed. 

Staff are asked to distance from each other as an example to the children. 

Masks are not necessary for staff or children, but are recommended on the bus. 

Masks encourage children to touch their faces more, potentially causing masks to be more detrimental than helpful. Children 

also partially learn speech and inference from their teacher’s facial expressions a basic lip reading . 


Staff are expected to stay home when they are unwell. ( Fever, muscle ache, cold, cough or worsening chronic cough, respiratory illness , gastrointestinal illness )

Wearing a mask while in the centre remains a personal choice. 

Staff are aware they may be asked to come in to work or stay later than their shift, due to another staffs absence. We have a teacher on call, prepared to cover for illness. Parents are aware of the possibility of short notice should the daycare need to close because of either positive Covid contact or the our inability to maintain child staff ratio due to an unprecedented number of staff away.


Any safety concerns should be brought to the attention of management right away. We will address and correct concerns in a timely manner.

Indoor Fun

October 10, 2019

The children love playing with the big Parachute especially on those extra rainy Fall days!!  We are getting ready for Halloween soon and look forward to the spooky fun and field trips to the senior homes.  Also our trip to Pumpkin Patch is coming up next week

Halloween Fun!

October 31, 2018

The children had a great time dressing up and eating yummy treats at the big Halloween party!!  The trick or treating at the senior centre was a success with lots of candies in hand.   

Summer Fun!!

July 26, 2017

The weather is hot and we are enjoying our exciting Summer Calendars!  Please be sure to check daily what we have planned!  We tend to go on outings and have water days therefore you will need to pack the proper items. Enjoy your summer!!

Kidzone little kids performance at KinVillage 1:45 pm

May 11, 2017

The little ones have been practicing a very special performance for the seniors at KinVillage. Join us at 1:45 for some fun!

Kizone little kids performance at Margaret Vidal 1:45pm

May 12, 2017

Another exciting performance for the seniors at Margaret Vidal retirement home by our little kids. Please join us for a little Spring fun at 1:45pm

Mothers Day Tea 4:30pm

May 12, 2017

What's Mother's Day without a Tea party in our preschool rooms? We will be starting at 4:30pm, and everyone is welcome. 

Professional Day: Bike, Blade and Scooter Rodeo!

May 19, 2017

All school age kids will have the chance to join the rodeo! Remember your helmets!

May 22, 2017

2016 Fees & Administrative Changes

January 01, 2016

We are pleased to announce that for the second year in a row, fees for the Kidzone Learning Centre will remain unchanged.  We are, however, making the following administrative changes:


Beginning January 2016, all daycare fees are due on the 1st of the month. End of the month bills will reflect the cost of extra days used only. Post-dated cheques are preferred but we can also now accept e-transfer - please contact Rhonda to set up a password. For those that require it, we will continue to accept payments semi-monthly (i.e. the 1st and 15th of each month). Late payments may be subject to accrued interest and/or forfeiture of your child's daycare spot. We encourage you to speak to Rhonda directly should you have any concerns about the change.



Should you wish your December payment included in your 2015 income tax receipt, please ensure payment is received in full prior to our seasonal closure on December 24th. Payment received after this date will be included in the 2016 receipt. Receipts will be ready for pick-up beginning in February 2016.

Time to Update PHOTOS & WAIVERS

We require your child's most recent picture as we are updating all files. Please also take a moment to print off our waivers (REGISTRATION & POLICIES section), as licensing regulations require they be updated annually.

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Room Updates

Infant/Toddler Room

Pre- Kinder Learning Care

School-Age Rooms

We are getting ready for the upcoming Halloween fun.  Check out the decorations!

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 Kidzone Learning Centre 2019

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