Infant/ Toddler Care

Kidzone Infant & Toddler care is offered for children under three years of age to provide an excellent start to your child’s social experience, in a bright and nurturing setting.


We have several caring infant-toddler ECE specialists on staff to help children develop a strong foundation of social emotional, cognitive and physical skills, all within the safe & nurturing “little ones only” environment.  Music, language (including introductory French), art and movement are introduced to the children in a simplified and consistent manner in keeping with early childhood education principals.


Regular daily walks & outdoor play are also encouraged as an essential part of both physical and cognitive growth. We make use of the school’s top notch play CSA approved structures and spacious playing fields, as well as our school`s gymnasium on wet days.

Flexible Options!

We offer part-time  and work to accommodate your schedule as much as possible.


Our fees are all-inclusive. You will not be billed separately for supplies, standard activities, or transport. 



Fees are not refunded for missed days as you pay to reserve your space, not for actual attendance.

Interest is charged on accounts late by 30+ days.

                                          *Rates current as of Sept 1, 2018.



Remembrance Day

The under-three program (IT) is experiencing the ongoing theme of the month. We talked about the country, our soldiers, and we remember their sacrifices for our country during our group time activities. 

Students extend their learning by exploring the colour red with glitter, and  different hands on art activities as young artists. Children were encouraged to pronounce poppy flower, red, black and green. 

Gross Motor Activities:

In all areas of learning, our teaching approach is balanced. During outdoor and indoor play we promote gross motor skills to work with small and large muscles. The pictures demonstrate the power of shared experiences. Here the children discovered enjoyment with bowling which enhances their eye-hand coordination and maintains control of their body. They ran, jumped, stepped on small logs, collected balls, arranged creative play with materials and wooden chips outside, and enjoyed the gym time also. We appreciate all the hard work of our teachers, their enthusiastic approach towards each child to help them grow in a healthy, intellectual and respectful environment.