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Your Child Is in Great Hands

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Kidzone Learning Centre is a family owned & operated independent child care centre. Established by Tsawwassen resident, Rhonda Aird, in 1988 as a school-age before & after school program, Kidzone today has grown to include pre-school, pre-Kindergarten and infant-toddler programs as we endeavor to meet South Delta’s daycare and early learning needs.


Based in central Tsawwassen at Cliff Drive Elementary, we enjoy being a member of the school’s thriving community, and parents find it reassuring to have their children exposed to the vibrant school environment from an early age. Kidzone remains accessible to all South Delta families, and we included door to door transportation to all Tsawwassen elementary schools.


At Kidzone, we strive to assist children in regular exposure to drama, art, movement, music, and yoga, in addition to instruction in science, sports and nutrition. French, Punjabi, Hindi, Spanish, Korean and Urdu are all spoken here, as is the language of love and respect for all.


We hope our approach reflects the aspirations of your family.


- From Rhonda & the Kidzone Learning Centre Team

Meet Our Founder

Rhonda Aird (Mrs. A)

I didn’t plan to do daycare!

As a studen in the Education program at UBC, I got a terrific summer job working at a Kelowna radio station. I’d found my niche, a job I loved, and by summer’s end I was heading up the creative department. The Bachelors of Education is still incomplete!

Moving back to Vancouver and the radio station CKWX, I married Mike (known to all now as Mr. A), but after the birth of daughter number 3 I left radio to pursue full time Mum work. I truly enjoyed volunteering and working with school age kids. And then it happened. The only Tsawwassen after school daycare program closed, and suddenly there was a real need for school age care.

I started Kids Club. We quickly filled up our home based centre, but the demand for care never eased. With no business plan, but with hope and Mr A’s support and handyman ability, I asked the school board for a room to rent. One room. 32 years later, Kids Club School  Age Care has morphed into Kidzone Learning Centre Ltd, South Delta’s largest childcare centre.

Along the way we have added group care, as well as infant and toddler care, always striving to meet the changing needs of our Tsawwassen community. I look forward to getting to work everyday. Many people are familiar with my “don’t know what I’m going to do when I grow up!” motto. I really don’t!

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